Scéno Plus

“It’s no secret we live in a time of disruption. New technologies, and shifting tastes and patterns of consumption are leaving no industry untouched.  The world of live entertainment is no different.” Internationally renowned auditorium architects Scéno Plus commissioned Heston to write a 1000-word advertorial on their innovative flexible venues.  The article was featured in …

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Maguire Boutique

“High End. Fair Price.” Maguire is a new high-end, direct-to-consumer footwear brand. Heston provides branding, communications, and copywriting services to Maguire Boutique on a continuing basis.  Striking a playful, familiar tone, all copy on the website is written or translated/edited by Heston, from product descriptions to newsletters. “Montréal stylish meets Canadian winters. Introducing RACHEL, a …

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Moving Waldo

“Changing your address just got simple.” is a free service that puts all your address changes in one place.  It’s moving made easy. Heston provided communications consulting, copywriting, and slogans for Moving Waldo’s english-language website. Specificity, clarity, trust/privacy, and SEO were all top priorities in this project. Heston continues consultation for MovingWaldo on an …

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“We live in a connected age, where business moves at the speed of information. Behind every call, behind every swipe, runs a complex system keeping you connected to the world.” iBwave is the world’s largest designer and installer of indoor carrier-grade wireless networks.  In this corporate video, Heston presents an exciting introduction to the company’s …

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Black Suede Studios

“Where Passion Meets Product.” Heston provided branding and copywriting services for upstart fashion wholesaler Update: Black Suede has re-launched as a retailer, and their current website does not reflect Heston’s work.

Medium Blog

“Technology and storytelling:  How one will transform the other.” Heston muses on the future of interactive storytelling on his popular Medium Blog. His articles have been published in The Mission, a Medium publication with a quarter million subscribers and contributors like Gary Vaynerchuk, James Altucher, and Kevin Harrington. Heston has even been quoted alongside Palmer Luckey, …

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